Skipton BID Proposed 3rd Term 2019-2024

The proposed Business Plan for the BID’s 3rd Term was revealed on 3rd October at the Black Horse. The businesses attending the launch received a copy of the plan and were informed that the newly proposed BID Area would be available for view, via an interactive website, click here:

Skipton BID Proposed BID Area Map 2019-2024

05 November 2018 – All the BID Levy payers for the proposed 3rd Term have been sent a copy of the Business Plan. A copy of which is available here to download.

Skipton BID Business Plan 2019-2024

Skipton Business Improvement District’s Mission Statement and Objectives 2014-2019

The vision for the BID during its second term is to ensure that Skipton remains:

  1. A vibrant, exciting and successful business community.
  2. Is an attractive, clean and safe destination for residents, clients, shoppers, staff and visitors.
  3. Is a pleasant and welcoming place in which to conduct business.

Strategic Objectives 2014-2019

The BID will endeavour to ensure that Skipton remains the ideal place in which to work, visit, shop and live. We will continue to build on the success of the last 5 years and, working with our various partners, Skipton BID will aim to ensure that our fine market town is:

  • Attractive, clean and green.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Marketed and promoted successfully as a high quality visitor destination.
  • An environment where businesses continue to prosper.
  • A place where cultural activities and festivals add to the overall experience of both visitors and residents alike.

Keeping Levy Payers Informed

Skipton BID’s newsletters are available on their own page, please click here: BID Newsletters

Financial Statements

The 2017-18 Financial Statement is available here: Financial Statement 2017-18

The 2016-17 Financial Statement is available here: Financial Statement 2016-17

The 2015-16 Financial Statement is available here: Financial Statement 2015-16

Skipton BID Board Meetings

The Board aims to meet monthly to review the finances, the previous month’s activities, and consider applications for funding requests, along with ‘any other business’!

Ideally we would like each business sector in Skipton to be represented on the BID’s Board; but for this to happen, we need some more businesses to step forward.  If you have a business in Skipton and would be interested in joining the Board, please contact the BID office on 01756 799033!

The Board convenes in Skipton Town Hall (first floor) from 4 – 6pm on the following dates:


23 January, 20 February, 20 March, 24 April, 22 May, 26 June, 24 July, 21 August, 23 October & 27 November.

The Annual General Meeting – 18 September from 6pm at Alexander’s Bar & Kitchen, 4-6 High Street, Skipton.

Skipton BID Articles of Association 2014-2019 [will continue to be relevant for 2019-2024]

This document details how Skipton BID Ltd operates.

It can be downloaded here: Skipton BID Ltd Articles of Association

Skipton BID Levy Rules 2014-2019

These rules explain who is entitled to vote in a BID ballot, who is liable for the BID levy, when levy payments should be made, and the circumstances of any exemptions or refunds.

They can be downloaded here: Skipton BID Levy Rules

Skipton BID Area and Street List 2014-2019

The Skipton BID area is defined by a map and street list which can be downloaded here: BID Area and Street List

BID Renewal Ballot 2014

The person, registered company or organisation that is a ratepayer for business rates of a hereditament within the BID area as at the notice of the ballot, is entitled to vote.

Each person entitled to vote in the BID ballot shall have one vote in respect of each hereditament in the geographical area of the BID on which business rates are payable.

The ballot will have to meet two tests:

First a simple majority of those voting must vote in favour. Second, the aggregate rateable value of hereditaments of those voting in favour must exceed the aggregate rateable value of hereditaments of those voting against.

The Electoral Reform Services, as instructed to do so by Craven District Council, will conduct a ballot.

You can download the BID Renewal Proposal Document here: BID Renewal 2014 to 2019

The result of the 2014 ballot. Declaration of Result 2014