Counting Footfall – What’s the Benefit?

Being a BID business in a BID town provides your business with many benefits:

‘Skipton in Bloom’ at the Town Hall!
  • A full programme of funded events and initiatives which encourage people to visit, such as The Waterway Festival, Sheep Day and the Christmas Markets
  • The funding and organisation of initiatives which enhance and improve the look and feel of the town, such as Skipton in Bloom (love the new planters outside the Town Hall).
  • A suite of funded initiatives which support your business, like the Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), the ‘about to be installed’ CCTV and access to accurate footfall data.

Two footfall counters, paid for and installed by Skipton BID, Skipton Town Council and Craven District Council in 2016, are positioned on the High Street and Swadford Street. Installed with state of the art sensors, they measure the number of people who pass by them and are able to adjust the data for a person with multiple passes. This data is then fed back to BID manager, Geraldine Thompson, on a weekly basis.

The figures aren’t published, but they are available on request. Since we now have more than a year’s worth of data, it is possible to compare footfall from the same week year to year, in addition to offering comparisons to the published figures for the North, Yorkshire and the UK. Breakdown by day and hour and mapping to the weather is also included.

Here’s what some Skipton businesses had to say about this resource:

Michelle Nye owner Chocolate & Truffles

“I find the figures really useful to have. It’s good to know it’s not just ‘you’ if you’ve had a poor day. Having access to the footfall figures helps me tune into the local and national footfall trends which usually reflect how the business is doing.

The figures also help me plan my work, for example earlier this year during a prolonged period of lower footfall, I could see from the figures that it was a national trend, so I took steps to look at other avenues of income, like getting more active on ShopAppy and boosting our online activity.

The figures can also show you when the busiest times of a particular day of the week are, which could in turn help you to work out when to increase or reduce your staff, or help you decide which is the best day to close.

Without the data it becomes guess work about what you think is happening. The figures are really important to me as they help me understand why the business is good or not so good, as Chocolate & Truffles’ good sales days tend to tie in with high footfall days and vice versa. I always go through the figures to see how they compare to our sales and find them very helpful.”

David Roberts owner Hettie’s Café Bistro

“The footfall counters are a useful tool for illustrating how the percentage changes in footfall relate to the percentage changes in turnover. I’ve worked it out for Hetties and can clearly see that the higher the footfall in Skipton, the better my business does, as I am sure would be the case for many businesses in the town.

The footfall data is a valuable business resource which if used properly would help more businesses to realise that we all have our part to play – along with Skipton BID – in marketing Skipton to increase the footfall into the town centre, and if we do that, we will all benefit.”

If you would like to receive the footfall figures – email or call 01756 799033.