Let’s bring ShopAppiness to Skipton!

ShopAppy.com is a website which has all the local shops in one place with products for sale so that customers can find you and shop from you more easily. In just 12 weeks we had 7300 users on ShopAppy, 110 orders online from our two pilot towns. If you don’t have time to read the rest of this blog but want to know more  – watch this.

ShopAppy.com is designed to bring people back into towns to support their local independent shops and pubs.  It aims to reverse the decline of small shops that provide so much character and uniqueness to our towns and cities.  The idea is simple to bring local shops together in one place online enabling people to see what is on offer on their doorstep in one place. It also enables people to order what they need and to collect their shopping in the daytime or evening.   It is a customer and shopkeeper driven attempt at levelling the playing field for local shops.

In almost every town in the UK small shops are being hit by a perfect storm of competition from multinational supermarkets and online retailing giants. It is making it near impossible for small shops to survive and many are leaving the High Street. We cannot continue to allow this to happen.

As well as the competition from other types of retail, customers have changed their shopping habits to suit their busy lives. Understandably customers are opting for convenience. The problem is that convenience costs. It can cost customers the uniqueness of their towns. We have all likely seen how towns can swiftly change from special places where you feel like you are somewhere…to clones of other places where you feel you could be anywhere … or simply a place of empty shop outlets.  We need to stop this from happening.

ShopAppy.com for the first time brings customers convenience with a local conscience. You can buy exactly what you want from your local shops and can click and collect your shopping whenever you choose daytime or evening. It effectively gives every independent the power of a superstore. It also means every individual shop is easier to find for local customers. It provides people with more choice on how and where they shop.

In the first 12 weeks, ShopAppy.com has been operational in 2 towns: Saltaire and Otley. Now it is ready to launch anywhere. With a simple ‘pa
y what you want’ for 6 months offer to shops and services and no commissions on sales. ShopAppy.com aims to help change behaviours and provide local
residents up to 10 miles around your area with a local choice to shop local. We think it is important because shopping local makes us feel more connected to where we live, it brings together our communities and most of all makes us happy… hence the name ShopAppy! We want to bring ShopAppiness to Skipton and it only takes 3-4 shops to start the ball-rolling. You can make this happen. Just send us an email.

Jackie Mulligan, Founder, ShopAppy Ltd