At Skipton BID we are working closely with the Craven District Council and Skipton Town Council to achieve a common goal in becoming carbon neutral by 2030, Drawing on the knowledge from the experts in their fields, each of our sub groups under #AtHomeInSkipton will feed advice, ideas and inspiration so that collectively we can make a success of becoming carbon neutral and pioneer the way for future generations #AtHomeInSkipton

A key element of the town’s development over the next five years will see the creation of a Skipton Business Triangle, from the Train Station to the current Bus Station and surrounding area. Through our business networking #AtHomeInSkipton we will be able to collectively inspire our community to embrace the changes, so that we can all enjoy a sustainable and regenerative future. View our meeting from 24th August introducing the initial plans, vision and ways to get involved.

Our main campaign is the umbrella for seven subgroups listed below, categorised to represent business and community interests. These form the basis for working groups, where likeminded businesses come together and collectively progress in their respective areas of expertise. They can then feed ideas, projects, concerns and feedback into Skipton BID with everyone under one virtual roof, #AtHomeInSkipton. Together, with a divide and conquer approach, we aim to support the Craven District Council’s visit to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Businesses can add #AtHomeInSkipton + one or more of the relevant seven areas listed below to each of their social media posts on facebook, instagram and twitter. To join or lead one of the below steering groups please email


Using the hashtags, discussion topics can be kept active online, ensuring progression even in the face of socially distanced challenges. The general public can refer to the seven areas and the search relevant hashtags to find all the recent social listings, service and product offers.

NOURISH – menus, meal delivery, restaurants and grocery advice
Go on a delicious journey of discovery through our town’s restaurants. Find seasonal and sustainable menus bursting with flavour and inspired by our local culinary experts. Each one giving you tips and ingredients to make at home or have delivered to your door.

Local chefs, restaurants, grocery and produce suppliers will be sharing online recipes, interviews as well as how-to video tutorials focusing on foods with key nutrients and easy cooking techniques. Whether it’s a quick meal or nutrition suggestions designed to support the immune system, reduce stress and improve wellbeing, you’ll be dreaming of wearing a Master Chef apron before you know it.

Follow #NourishSkipton to unlock the hidden power of certain everyday store-cupboard ingredients.

LIVE – DIY tips, interiors, gifts and pets
Skipton is never just about a place to stay or stop over on the way to The Dales, but the opportunity to immerse yourself into a Yorkshire inspired lifestyle, unveiling layers of historical facts, an intriguing heritage and unique traditions to keep you grounded in time.

From a hardware store to fabrics for soft furnishings, from artisan products to looking after your pets, discover ways to create a happy home with household tips, maintenance advice, pet guidance, locally made gifts for all occasions throughout the year, or seek interior inspiration to improve social spaces in your home.

Follow #LiveSkipton as you establish new routines and take care of jobs around the house and home improvements, learn a new skill or develop a new hobby.

MOVE – workouts, personal training, health and fitness
Fitness is such a big word today. It means so many different things to different people and covers a whole range of sports, approaches and disciplines. Outdoor, indoor, cycling, running, tennis, dancing, cardio, muscle strengthening, yoga, Pilates and the list goes on.

Skipton gyms, clubs and health centres offer all of these and more, now bringing them from their studio to your living room with at-home workouts, dance moves, routines and classes (think Strictly Home and you’ll secretly be wearing sequin outfits in no time), live meditation sessions etc. Admittedly a HomeRun doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as ParkRun, but our innovative clubs will no doubt create something inspiring for you.

Follow #MoveSkipton for tips on how to boost your health, increase your agility, or release pent-up energy when working and staying at home.

SUSTAINABLE – recycling, gardening and ecological tips for living naturally
If you weren’t already aware of your household waste generation and recycling needs, you will be over the coming months. In August 2019 Craven councillors acknowledged ‘Climate Emergency’ and set a goal for the district to become carbon neutral by 2030. Skipton BID invites you to follow advice from the town’s sustainable pioneers with practical solutions.

Sustainable living reduces your carbon footprint by reviewing transportation, energy consumption, and diet. Skipton is surrounded by beautiful countryside, a heritage steeped in tradition and the town is attracting more and more initiatives inspired by nature and sustainable resources.

Follow #SustainableSkipton as we embrace this period to revisit our lifestyles and adopt sustainable initiatives designed for thriving local communities and ecosystems.

CONNECT – counselling and therapy for self care, emotional, social & spiritual needs
The new Stay-At-Home requirement by our government adds a whole new layer of stress to people’s lives. Whether it’s the isolation and lack of physical contact, or feeling overwhelmed, ‘wobbly’, fatigued, and suffering mood instabilities, we all need someone to talk to. It’s the very thing that makes us human and helps us heal in a crisis.

Skipton offers highly dedicated and professional counselling services with proven results to guiding people on a better, personalised lifestyle journey.

Follow #ConnectSkipton for advice on how to reduce anxiety and loneliness when practicing social distancing and how to check in with others and remain community-focused, especially when it comes to those individuals who are more vulnerable.

MINDFUL – lifestyle coaching, financial advisors, wellbeing service providers
As people start to place more value on health and well-being than on material wealth, mindfulness has taken the world by storm. Changing the way we view ourselves, and the world around us as we learn more every day and become healthier in so many ways.

Skipton has a wonderful selection of experts and businesses who prioritise rejuvenation, relaxation, and guidance in their own environment, helping people shift energies and priorities from worrying about what can’t be controlled to focusing on the present moment. Whether you’re setting up a home working environment, re-evaluating your daily routines, seeking tips on staying grounded or how to managing your finances there is a business service for you in Skipton.

Follow #MindfulSkipton for inspired changes to your lifestyle.

SOCIAL – Pubs, cafes, tourist attractions and hobby clubs
Find your tribe and help each other. You don’t have to be lonely while practising social distancing, because in Skipton’s social cyber space there is strength in numbers. Afterall Skipton has been called the happiest place in England by several national newspapers and travel sources.

Our wonderful social venues are creating a virtual bubble for Skipton, hosting real time events, pub quizzes and meet ups to encourage the formation and interaction of online social groups. Support your local pub, develop a new hobby or delve into the history of a tourist attraction on your doorstep. When the travel ban is lifted, you’ll be better equipped to visit and experience the real thing.

Follow #SocialSkipton to find a team, club, groups or neighbourhood that would normally meet in real-world social places and carry on being social.

#AtHomeInSkipton is your framework to find key information and sources of advice for personal health, business health and environmental health, provided by local experts for Skipton residents, businesses and communities to tap into from the safety and comfort of their homes.
Stay home, stay safe and shop local.