Deep Clean of the town centre




A deep clean of the town centre has been carried out including hot-washing and chewing gum removal. The work was delivered in partnership with the Skipton Heritage Action Zone to improve the attractiveness of the town centre. 

We know it is important to businesses and residents to have a clean and attractive town.  This is the first time Skipton BID has undertaken such a large cleansing project and the majority of the streets in the town centre

Skipton in Bloom

We are continuing to fund and support the substantial work of the Skipton in Bloom community group – maintaining, enhancing and adding to the floral displays across the town. We have committed to support Skipton in Bloom for the full third term.


We have provided bunting throughout the town over the summer period to make the town more colourful and attractive. In 2023 the new Welcome to Skipton branding was introduced while in 2021 and 2022 we worked in partnership with the Heritage Action Zone. 

Enhance empty shop windows

Working in partnership with North Yorkshire Council and Skipton Town Council we have installed window vinyl’s in the previous Rackham’s store. Utilising the new branding to promote the town and the website to visitors and residents.

Previously window art has been used to decorate vacant units to make the town look more appealing. 

Christmas Lights

We continue to work in partnership with Skipton Town Council to deliver a Christmas lighting scheme across the town centre. The lighting schemes are being improved to ensure as much of the town centre is covered.