August: Delicious ways to explore Skipton

Around the Yorkshire Dales and Moors August is known and celebrated for the Glorious 12th marking the beginning of the grouse season. But this year, August 10th steels the show with a trio of promotions all week long.

By Liz Smailes, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skipton BID

Let someone else cook for a change!

Open air terrace at Alexanders on Skipton High Street

The August holidays are reason enough to celebrate, but adding to the excitement this week are three great promotions to make your hometown or holiday in Skipton all the more appealing.

64 ways to Eat Out to Help Out

Within a 5-mile radius of Skipton, each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you can enjoy a delicious Eat Out to Help Out at 64 registered restaurants on the government’s campaign throughout the month.

Cakes and scones on display at The Three Sheep Tea House in Skipton.

From award-winning restaurants, favourite local cafes and renowned chefs in town and in The Yorkshire Dales, you are never far away from a truly scrumptious treat. Add some sunshine to the mix and plenty of al fresco choices become all the more appealing. Discover your next meal out with the restaurant finder search

Afternoon Tea

It’s also National Afternoon Tea week, what could be better than enjoying scrumptious savoury and sweet treats in one of our delightful cafes or restaurants or in the grounds of Skipton Castle – many are also part of the Eat Out to Help out scheme.

Afternoon Tea Week was established to help secure a tradition that has graced British afternoons since the 1840’s. In those days, dinner often wasn’t served until 8pm, and lunch wasn’t actually a thing, so what was a hungry person to do? Create a new mini-meal in the middle of the day of course! 

Kibble café at the bottom of the High Street is dedicated to all things canine and human. Three Sheep Tea Shop is a local favourite for their incredibly delicious scones, and you can even enjoy your afternoon tea with a cruise along the Leeds Liverpool Canal on board Skipton Boat Trips. At the top of the High Street you can paint a pot, plate, mug or other ceramic item with your visit at Coffee and Clay, or wander off the beaten path to discover a local café oozing with charm and tasty menus.

Shop Local Week reassures shoppers safety is paramount, and that their custom is valued by local high street shops and businesses. It gives customers an opportunity to show appreciation and support for their ‘locals’. Shop Local is a dedicated week within government’s Enjoy Summer Safely campaign, which aims to inspire the public to get back to the things they enjoy, whilst following coronavirus safety guidelines.

Shop Local

Adding to this month’s visitor appeal, August 10-17 is also  #ShopLocal week with seven days of concentrated activity across the nation encouraging shoppers to return to their local high street and shop safely.

Skipton High Street Market takes place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm

Skipton has a vast array of the best independent shops, from award-winning chocolates, tasteful interiors, fun gifts, beautiful florists to traditional butchers, bakers, grocers and, yes, we even have a candlestick maker! Hidden gems off the high street include the Skipton Antiques and Collectors Centre, spread over three floors, all filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.

Give your lockdown hair and appearance a boost in our award-winning beauty salons or stroll down the ginnels, explore our side streets. Since reopening the retail sector after lockdown, the high street is pedestrianised from 10am until 4pm on the market days of Wednesday. Friday and Saturday, allowing visitors to wander and relax with socially-distanced ease.

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