Building a sustainable business

Merrit & Fryers is Skipton’s favourite sustainable builder’s merchant, offering a huge range of natural, sustainable and energy efficient building materials direct to the trade market, as well as to the end customer.

Finding more environmentally friendly ways of doing things is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. With growing concerns over climate change and how we consume materials, it has never been more important for businesses to reflect changing consumer trends.

For the construction and professional trades industry, ‘going green’ throws up a number of challenges – but it also creates real opportunities.

At Merritt & Fryers, we are seeing more customers asking about how we source our products, and often this is being driven by their own clients who are pushing them towards using more sustainable materials, so it’s important to keep ahead with emerging initiatives, changes in building standards and trends.

We support our customers building or renovating for a greener future by, for example; stocking approved products such as:

· insulation for solid and cavity walls, under floors, lofts, flat and pitched roofs

· draught proofing

· hot water tank thermostats and insulation

· heating controls

Supplying sustainable timber goes to the heart of our role in helping to build a better world. While many logging companies replant and continually replenish forests, sources of truly ethical timber go further by adopting measures to protect native fauna and flora and to prevent damage to the surrounding environment.

To guarantee our timber comes from a sustainable and ethical source, we use the UK government approved certification scheme Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which ensures all timber and timber-based products originate from accredited sources.

Some of the stoves we supply are from Esse, made locally in Barnoldswick, and meet either Defra standards or are Eco-design ready, which also means they are also suitable for use within the National Park. And we supply burner briquettes ‘Made In Yorkshire’ by a tool manufacturer from recycled wooden tool handles!

Our plumbing and heating department experts can reduce your water consumption by over 30% with the right toilet, taps and shower system – without you even changing your habits! Taps with ‘eco starts’ reduce the amount of hot water used without compromising on performance, our eco-electric boilers are a more efficient way to heat your water and radiators, and we supply everything required for underfloor or ground source heating.

But it’s not all about what we can supply our customers, Merritt & Fryers is fully invested in reducing our carbon footprint as a business and so we continually address what we can do internally. We have worked hard to reduce waste in all our departments, ensuring it is all responsibly segregated and recycled. In the bespoke joinery workshop, as well as sending the waste shavings for use as pet bedding, we only use water-based paint products with no chemicals in the spray booth, which is not only kinder to the environment, but also yields a better finish. Across the business we have introduced environmentally-friendly carrier bags made from sugar cane rather than plastic.

Another step is supporting the local economy wherever possible. Merritt & Fryers has always been invested in the local area and has never lost sight of the community which has supported us throughout the decades. We use local services, suppliers and products wherever possible, which is actually a really important step in becoming a sustainable company. As a local employer, many of our staff live in Skipton and can walk to work; something which our location close to the heart of the town helps to foster.

Naturally, reducing the ‘mileage’ that products we sell have travelled boosts our green credentials, but also utilising local firms for services such as IT, legal, accountancy and marketing helps us support our community’s economic growth and development – ultimately reducing the need for anyone to travel far to find what they need to thrive.

We hope to be able to inspire other firms to strive towards this too. Small changes can make a big difference, which is not only good for the planet but in turn good for business too as more and more customers become ethically minded responsible consumers.

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