Making our Town Safe with Skipton Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Making Skipton safer is key for businesses, visitors and residents alike. This is why Skipton BID is encouraging more members to join the Skipton Business Crime Reduction Partnership and spread the word.

Skipton does not tolerate crime or anti-social behaviour, and if we work together as a community, we can reduce unwanted conduct.

Skipton Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) was initially launched in November 2014 by Skipton BID, Stopping Trouble and Night-time Disorder (STAND), the local authorities, Shop-watch and Skipton Police. The Partnership was re-launched in January 2017 with Skipton BID taking over the cost of member access to a secure database and the rent of the digital radio (subject to availability).

By working together, businesses in Skipton can discourage retail crime and anti-social behaviour and help the police catch criminals. The key to the success of the scheme is talking to each other and sharing information.

We want businesses to prosper and attract more visitors and footfall into our beautiful Town!

Skipton BCRP Membership benefits

Many of our members are already signed up and are benefitting from accessing either the Shop-watch or STAND (Skipton’s pub-watch scheme) galleries.  This is a secure intranet database of suspected and known offenders, such as shoplifters; and can help the police to identify individuals caught on CCTV acting suspiciously. The STAND gallery enables its members to exclude patrons from their premises who have been banned from a fellow member’s establishment, often for anti-social behaviour.

Skipton BID has several radios for members to use free of charge (a cost is only incurred if stolen/lost or damaged). Retail outlets, pubs, cafes and restaurants can really benefit from this – if they notice someone stealing or acting in an unusual way, the radios can be used to warn others and we can act together to catch the culprit. This might also hopefully deter them from committing future crimes in the area.

The best policy is always to deny entry to known thieves or troublemakers and to operate a ‘deter at entry’ policy. This reduces risk of confrontation later and saves time and effort.

Membership Information

There is no cost to sign up and all you have to do is fill in a short application form. We can drop this off, email or post. Just let us know your contact details.

Photo by Stephen Garnett Photography.


Once you’re signed up you will also have access to a free app, DISC, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone, making the gallery much more accessible and easier to use. DISC allows you to access partnership information including banned lists, mugshots, offender profiles, news, alerts, documents, upcoming events, ID-sought images and much more. You can also copy images from your personal CCTV. And, it’s compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Best Practice.

IMPORTANT: This is on a use it or lose it basis – Skipton BID can only justify the cost if our members make the most of it.


We’ll happily discuss this in more detail – just get in touch to find out how you can join. For further information on the BID and other resources available for BID members and levy payers, please browse our website, Skipton BID.