Managing emotional wellbeing during these challenging times

In the first episode of a new series of Skipton Business Support podcasts, we look at mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

“Skipton Business Support” is a new series of podcasts launched by Skipton BID Ltd. in collaboration with Rombalds Radio to offer local businesses free access to an array of expert advice. The series addresses the challenges businesses and individuals are faced with in the transition out of lockdown and navigating the post-pandemic landscape.

Five topics have been identified to launch the podcast series, focusing on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, employee furlough and bringing teams back to the work place, managing finances and CIBLs repayment, pivoting, adjusting and diversifying business in a post-pandemic landscape, and hospitality, tourism and marketing out of a pandemic.

Skipton businesses are invited to submit the questions they’d like answered via a dedicated podcasts page on Rombalds Radio. (

Businesses and individuals can write in anonymously or under a company name, and questions will be answered by a panel of experts drawn from local businesses and thought leaders in Craven and North Yorkshire. These include Skipton based businesses such as Being Better and Clockwork HR, as well as mentors from the Skipton Ripon Entertprise Group, Federation of Small Businesses for North Yorkshire and Skipton BID.

Our first podcast will address the rise of mental health and wellbeing challnges in the workplace, drawing on the expertise of Skipton private practice Being Better, run by Corrine and David Yeadon.

When we approached Corinne about being our podcast expert for this topic, Corinne explained, “At this time we are aware that many people are working from home which can compound existing issues and create more challenges.   The inability to have clear work / life boundaries when working from home can fuel feelings of stress, not switching off. 

“Also anxiety around decision making and problem solving can be escalated due to the absence of colleagues to check in with.  Feelings of isolation can increase low mood.  Being without support networks and recreational outlets mean there is no balance to work pressures.  There is also the ever present threat of the pandemic.

“Managing the impact of workplace issues is more complex during the pandemic.  Adapting and managing is not without its challenges but can be done.”

Corrine and David Yeadon of private therapy practice in Skipton, Being Better

Being Better provide private, confidential, discreet therapy for lifestyle changes, changing daily habits, managing stress & anxiety, improving self esteem & confidence, adapting to loss & change, overcoming low mood, managing relationships, decluttering your life and having a work / life balance.

Specialists in addictions, they are also experienced in working with individuals who feel their drinking is increasing and want to regain some control before it becomes a problem. They support also extends to family members to provide specialist therapeutic sessions to those affected by their loved ones drinking / drug use.

If you have a question for Corinne and David, you can submit this on anonymously or under a name on the following website:

The Skipton Business Support podcasts will be available through Rombalds Radio and also via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Those who listen to the series are encouraged to share their thoughts across social media with the hashtags #SkiptonBusinessSupport and #AtHomeInSkipton where the BID team and subject specialists will be on hand to engage and answer any subsequent questions.

Skipton BID invites all businesses to stay updated on all the latest episodes and Coronavirus developments via the recently-added Covid-19 Hub webpage on