Skipton BID and the One Show

The One Show contacted Skipton BID to ask if we’d like to take part in their programme, having filmed 3 businesses who didn’t feel the BID did anything for them!

How could we decline their offer!  The Board convened and I said “I’ll do it, how bad could it be?”

SteveIMG_0713IMG_0709 Blears (Producer) phoned me and said we’d like a bit of a Dragon’s Den feel to it all, filming ok for straight after Easter weekend?  So in less than a week of being approached I’m there filming my 2 minutes of fame, passionately defending the BID.

I’ve written this Blog to post the unedited version of everything I said in front of the camera that day, as I stood facing Peter, Anita and Janet, trying to convince them to not think solely of their own interests, but to think bigger, to think of Skipton.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you about the Skipton BID.

BUT, our BID isn’t about you and it isn’t about me.  It’s about Skipton.  It’s about how businesses come together to make sure we remain a popular & successful town.

… and Skipton IS a popular town.  It thrives on its success as a tourist destination, and yes, a share of the cash raised by the Levy goes to keep that profile and to keep people coming to our Town.

Whether it is improved floral displays, bigger & better festivals and events, or a warm welcome from our Town Centre Ambassadors ⎯ ALL of these things make people want to visit Skipton.

… and, when they visit, they spend money in our shops and businesses.  Those businesses can then employ the people who live in our town and, in turn, spend money in all local businesses ⎯ INCLUDING YOURS.  

It’s no accident that Skipton was recently named again as one of the best places to live in the UK.

It’s no accident that visitor numbers remain good.

Our BID gives us the ability to maintain that profile.

So you might think our BID doesn’t help you ⎯ but a thriving town helps ALL businesses – cafes, hairdressing and car audio included!

Before you decide whether to symbolically hand over your money, think about this:

Your Levy an average of a £1 a week, if you choose to keep it, is not going to transform your business.  It might pay for one small advert in the local paper.  That’s about it.  But if we pool your money with the money from all the other businesses we really can continue to make a difference.

New BIDs continue to launch across the Country, like Keighley.

With the money raised, and with the extra grant funding BIDs can also secure, those towns and cities will have an extra chance to keep their profile and their vitality ⎯ and that has to be something to consider.

In the last 7 years, businesses in Skipton have voted not just once, but twice in favour of our BID ⎯ so the majority must agree we’re worth supporting.

Hand over the cash, think about the bigger picture, rather than just thinking about yourself in isolation ⎯ and embrace the Skipton Town Partnership.

Thank you for reading.

Before I go, I’d like to extend my thanks to Sarah for the use of the High Corn Mill premises; Sarah holds Slimming World meetings there several times a week.  Also a big thank you to Sharon, at the Skipton Mill Shop, for so patiently helping me to choose an outfit for the occasion.

Geraldine ?

One Show aired 07 April 2016 at 7pm