The Partnership was initially launched 5 years ago for the benefit of Skipton’s businesses, with the aim to discourage retail crime and anti-social behaviour, helping the police catch criminals and so making Skipton a better place in which to carry out business activities and a better place for residents and visitors alike.

Skipton’s former Business Crime Reduction Partnership was aptly renamed by it’s member during their August 2018 meeting, to simply state we’re Skipton’s Crime Reduction Partnership, it’s about our town, the people and the businesses.

It was further agreed for the Skipton Crime Reduction Partnership to expand its objectives to embrace ‘offering assistance to the vulnerable’. This means any business in Skipton displaying this new window sticker, as a member of the scheme, is prepared to offer assistance when needed.

Working together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour! Photo by Stephen Garnett Photography.

Assistance such as, when a visitor gets turned around and unable to find their way back to their coach.  The shopwatch radios can speedily get a call out to more than 30 businesses scattered throughout the town centre to look out for – missing person’s description – and often the Town Ambassadors are able to respond to assist in the search and when found, escort them back to their coach.

The key to the success of the scheme is the sharing of information, working together to make a difference.

We do this through a safe and secure website with authorised users only enabled. Members can click on this link and login

Please check out our Blogs for further information about this scheme Fighting Shop Theft and Business Crime  and  Making our Town Safe with Skipton BCRP.

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We’re a member of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP) – for more information about them, click on this link