Spot the Robin

Spreading festive cheer throughout Skipton town centre, tweet by tweet!

Since re-opening under Tier 2, Skipton’s shops, restaurants and cafes are welcoming visitors and residents from areas in Tiers 1 and 2. Encouraging residents to support the town’s economy and shop local, a Robin Scavenger Trail has been arranged throughout December in the collaboration with shops, cafes and pubs in the town centre.

It’s been a really tough year for everyone and we’d like to commend our retailers on the hard work invested to create online shopping choices as well as safe, secure and friendly environments to welcome everyone back out of lockdown. It’s thanks to these contributions that Skipton recently earned the reputation as the 2nd happiest place to live, in a recent survey by Rightmove.

Liz Smailes, Marketing & Communications Officer at Skipton BID says, “We know that all the businesses in Skipton have been looking forward to welcoming people back into the town and the Robin Scavenger Trail is an additional fun element encouraging people to shop local and browse through the shops, as well as enjoy a stop at one of the cafes, and reward yourself with a meal in a restaurant. Every participating location has given a prize for a grand draw on New Year’s Eve, so we will have at least 25 winners.”

Robyn the Robin – This 3-d model by Skipton’s famed animator Virpi Kettu is similar to the one created for Katy Perry’s recent music video. Named Robyn the Robin, Virpi’s artwork is available for silent auction with donations going to a local charity.
Which Skipton shop can you find this robin perched in?

Can you spot our robins hanging or perched in the windows around Skipton shops?

Some are small and made from felt, others are painted and framed by local artists, one is a puppet and one is a 3-D bodel made by Skipton-based animator Virpi Kettu.

Search Skipton’s shop windows to play this game. There’s a clue to help you identify the shops where you can see a robin in their window display. On New Year’s Eve we’ll announce the winners of some great prizes and gift vouchers.

To win a prize, you must get at least 21 out of 25 locations correct answers!

Twenty-five robins have been hidden in shop window displays, encouraging shoppers and families to explore the town in a fun new way. At least twenty-one locations must be correctly identified to enter the grand prize draw. The various robins have been supplied by members of the local arts community, including watercolour artist Bev Parker, print maker Helen Peyton, Craven College arts student Jack Thompson, abstract artist Marisa Marquez, a puppet by Liz Lempkin and a 3-D model by Skipton’s famed animator Virpi Kettu, similar to the one created for Katy Perry’s recent music video. Named Robyn the Robin, Virpi’s artwork is available for silent auction with donations going to a local charity.

Liz Smailes says, “The period leading up to Christmas under Tier 2 has brought additional challenges for the high streets, and we feel for those businesses such as wet-let pubs that cannot reopen yet. It’s therefore more important than ever that Skipton’s residents support the local economy, shop local and enjoy the town’s festive decorations, decorative shop windows, late night shopping on Thursdays and participate in our new Robin Scavenger Trail, all designed to make Skipton an enjoyable Christmas shopping experience.”

A print by local artist Helen Peyton is one of the unique artworks to find in one of Skipton’s shop windows.

“Throughout this pandemic, Skipton’s various establishments have invested in new systems and gone out of their way to ensure that they provide a safe and secure environment for their customers and staff. The re-opening of the market with a pedestrianized high street contributed significantly towards creating a shopping destination where people felt at ease, and going out became a safe and enjoyable experience again.”

To enter the Robin Scavenger Hunt, forms are available from the participating shops and Skipton Tourism Information, as well as downloadable here.


A flock of 15 felt robins have dscended upon Skipton and found temporary new homes scattered throughout the town. Can you find them all in the shop windows?
  1. Identify at least 21 of the 25 shop windows correctly
  2. Draw a circle around the shop name displaying our signature Robyn the Robin, shown below,
  3. Take a photo of this sheet or write your answers and email them to
  4. Optional – enter the silent auction in aid of a children’s charity to purchase Robyn the Robin, name your price…. £……..

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