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Lockdown has highlighted the importance and value we place on daily healthy routines, regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet and frequent downtime and relaxation as we strive to maintain a wholesome mental and physical health. A Skipton business located on the heritage-filled Coach Street offers guidance on achieving all of that and more.

By Liz Smailes, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skipton BID
Photography: Stephen Garnett

Northern Exposure – Reboot and Recharge

Wellness holidays have been on the rise over the last decade, typically marketed with images of azure waters, tranquil surroundings purporting endless sunshine and promoting everything under said sunshine that is assumed to be needed in order to fully rest and recharge. But with our international travel wings clipped, the value of wellness retreats and offerings closer to home are appreciated now more than ever, acknowledged with equal ability to tailor the guest experience to individual needs, and the know-how to boost well-being and reinforce the immune system without a tropical climate.

To discover that Skipton offers world-class yoga and Pilates classes and retreats comes as a surprise to many. To discover our town’s own yoga trailblazer, Ebru Evrim, has 17,200+ followers on Instagram for her Yoga, Pilates and wellbeing tips is an even greater surprise. Her image and business model breaks the mold of traditional northern clichés, and while it may have taken a pandemic to appreciate our town’s modern trends, it’s also taken a pandemic to shed light on increasing levels of stress, anxiety, insecurity, and feelings of a lack of control.

The general public are now more receptive to integrating new wellbeing practices into their lifestyles as a way to combat these feelings and prevent future viruses. As our lifestyles change with a renewed focus on personal fitness and the staycation trend continues mid-pandemic, health and wellbeing-focused routines and retreats are anticipated to especially be in demand, bringing a wealth of business opportunities. One Skipton start-up in the last 12 months is poised to cater to this new source of demand for personal wellbeing.

By Ebru Evrim

Hi! If we haven’t met before, I am Ebru . The founder owner of Ebru Evrim yoga, Pilates and activewear brand. I moved to Skipton, North Yorkshire about four and half years ago with my family from Istanbul. I worked in the health sector in early career then worked in advertising agencies with universal brands. I ran a beauty salon on the high street, worked with fashion gurus and helped organise fashion events in Istanbul.

I grew up doing various sports but swimming was my passion. I was in the swimming team from the age of 13 and had training five days every week. That structure, and that discipline of sport, enabled me to get to know myself better and to know what I am capable of.  Looking back, this is where my ambitions in wellness began.  

My yoga journey started in 2007 with Raj yoga meditation yoga practice in Istanbul, followed by 200hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India and Polestar Pilates teacher training in Leeds. I had a chance to practice and do Restorative Yoga Training with Judith Lasater, who did an extensive study with B. K. S. Iyengar in India and the United States. 

A business start-up

During my wellness journey I have met many people and now I am using my teaching skills and my know-how to support others for their own mind, body and spiritual journey. This is the reason that I decided to open my boutique Yoga and Pilates studio and activewear boutique.

I have always been passionate about doing exercise, mindfulness and spiritual practices. I learned a lot from my own journey and am still learning. For me, every day is still a school day.

I collaborate and work with 20 local professionals to run my business, including teachers, and marketing team, and also a full time studio manager/teacher and full time studio manager assistant

Along with an explosion of awareness into Yoga’s health benefits to a much wider Western audience came the challenge of preventing injury. I realised that by blending scientific Polestar Pilates training into a Yoga practice, and private teachings to minimise the chances of injury and to maximise health benefits, I could fill a niche in Skipton.


Fashion makes me feel alive. So using my background experience and connections in the fashion industry I have created my own branded @ebruevrim.activewear. I really enjoyed sourcing the best quality fabrics, and choosing a-range of colours, and prints to create the collection. The feedback was amazing and I love that all women feel confident and fantastic wearing my activewear from studio to street.

This image shows one of my outfits while at the same timing promoting a Full Moon Week that we offered with local teacher Sam Hughes. The Moon Salutation (Chanda Namaskar) is a sister sequence to the familiar Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar). While the Sun Salutation heats up the body the Moon Salutation cools it down. It is a quieting sequence that invites you to bow to and cultivate the moon’s soothing lunar powers. It is a great way to destress and balance your energies. It makes sense to practice the moon salutation in the evenings during a full moon.

It begins with a short meditation to cultivate your connection to the moon and draw your attention inward to invite a sense of receptivity into your practice. The sequence is taught and performed slowly and you don’t need to link your breathing to the sequence. The session culminates with a deep relaxation. Suited to all, no experience necessary!

Studio Membership and Private Lessons

Our members are at the heart of everything we do at Ebru Evrim Studio, which is why we offer so many member benefits, including:

  • Access to experienced teachers in a spacious, fully equipped, brand new, clean and totally dedicated studio.
  • A variety of styles for you to try out with different teachers under one roof.
  • A cost effective way to pay for your classes.
  • Studio members automatically receive DISCOUNT on workshops, retreats and activewear  at the Studio.

Primarily our customers are residents within the Craven District, but as wellness becomes a more integral part of daily life, we are able to cater to long-stay tourists in Skipton seeking to continue their yoga and Pilates routines while working away from home, on holiday, or just curious to learn more from different teachers while they travel. We tailor our programmes to meet the needs of private individuals, which can include Yoga training and sessions outside in natural surroundings.

Although many things feel beyond our control right now, we do have the ability to be creative and to build physical activity and exercise into each of our days. We are always ready to support our members, helping them to get better, healthier and stronger any time!  

It gives me so much pleasure to know the classes we are providing, whether in the studio, private sessions and online have helped and continue to help so many people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. I thank each and every one of you for being part of the Ebru Evrim family.




15-17 Coach Street Skipton

 0773 495 5476


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