Here are some of the projects Skipton Business Improvement District has supported.
Support is provided to projects that can demonstrate a benefit to Skipton BID levy payer businesses.
All applications for support are tested against our Objectives.

Welcome to Skipton

Skipton Business Improvement District’s website promotes Skipton and, in particular, Skipton BID levy payers’ businesses to the wider world.

All levy payers’ businesses can be included on this website free of charge, as can events organised by the levy payers.

Businesses trading in Skipton and the surrounding area can also promote themselves here for a small annual fee.

The Welcome to Skipton website is regularly among the top websites displayed on a Google search for “Skipton”.

Skipton Town Ambassador

Skipton Business Improvement District co-funds the role of the Town’s Ambassador with Skipton Town Council.

The main areas of Judy’s role include providing a welcoming and helpful service to visitors and residents, working with other agencies to make Skipton a safe place for all and helping to maintain Skipton’s streets in a clean and tidy condition.

Judy has a team of volunteers who help her to carry out these tasks; and as well as being seen on market days, Judy attends most of the special events that take place in Skipton.

photo by Stephen Garnett:

Skipton Christmas Markets

Skipton Business Improvement District is proud to support our famous Christmas Markets, which take place on the first two Sunday’s in December.

There is free entertainment throughout the event from 10am, including a Torchlight Procession.  A great festive atmosphere, wonderful surroundings, fantastic shopping and scrumptious food and drink.

Photo of the crowd pleasing entertainer “The Show Globe“.

Skipton International Puppet Festival

photo by Craig Shaw, blu planet photo

The Skipton International Puppet Festival draws puppet performers and fans from all round the world to this colourful and unusual event every two years.

Next due on Friday 29 September to Sunday 01 October 2017!

The weekend is packed with shows for children and adults. The shows take place in venues around town and many are free to attend.

The weekend finishes with an exciting, colourful procession through the streets where giant creatures create a spectacular finale to the fun. Performers and visitors travel to Skipton from around the world to participate.

Skipton Business Improvement District is pleased to contribute to the Puppet Festival, thus enabling the festival team to access funding from many other organisations such as the Arts Council.

photo by Craig Shaw: Blu Planet Photo

Sheep Day

sheep_day_slideSkipton’s heritage as “Sheep Town” is celebrated annually with sheep displays and racing and many other sheep related activities which fill the High Street.

This event is enjoyed by residents and visitors and sees the town packed with folk enjoying the spectacle.

Skipton Business Improvement District’s support enables this event to provide the variety of entertainment that encourages people to spend the day in town.

Skipton In Bloom

floral_slideSkipton in Bloom has been brightening Skipton’s streets for many years.

Their displays are seasonal, such as those in the photograph (at the entrance to the bus station) and permanent, such as the Diamond Jubilee garden on Newmarket Street.

The colourful planting makes the town more attractive and shows residents and visitors alike that we take a pride in the appearance of our town.

Most of the work is carried out by teams of volunteers, whilst a number of organisations in Skipton are represented on the managing committee, making it a Skipton-wide concern.

Skipton Business Improvement District believes that funding the work of Skipton in Bloom helps to promote Skipton to visitors as well as making it a pleasant place to work and live.

Skipton Waterway Festival


Skipton is well known for its canal network which has served the industries of Skipton and the surrounding district for a long time.

These days the industry they serve is largely that of tourism, and the annual Waterway Festival is a popular event in the Skipton calendar.

Boating people decorate their boats and provide a bright back-drop to the many stalls and activities that take place in and around the canals during the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Skipton Business Improvement District supports this festival, enabling it to continue to provide a special Skipton attraction.

photo by Malcolm Stoney Photography

Kids Comic Collective

Sheep Comic - photo by Jodi Lawson

Skipton Library encourages and supports the Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies kids’ comic collective to create and produce their own comic books.

They represented Skipton at a national comic convention where they generated a lot of interest in their work and the fact that they are (we believe) the only kids’ comic collective in the UK.

Skipton Business Improvement District part funded the printing of the Sheep Day comic which was sold from a stall at the 2015 Skipton Day.

They also used the opportunity to promote creativity amongst visitors with workshops, which promotes a unique view of Skipton to a wide audience.

Sheep Comic – photo by Jody Lawson