Top 7 Reasons to Wear a Mask and Keep Skipton Smiling

Following months of uncertainty, the government has nudged the public in England towards wearing face coverings. From July 24, everyone will be required to wear face coverings in shops or face a £100 fine.

By Liz Smailes, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skipton BID

Germany has done it since April 22, Spain mandated face coverings in all public areas where it is not possible to maintain distances of at least two metres since May 20. In Scotland, face masks became mandatory in shops since July 10…and now England has agreed it’s a good thing to do.

We’ve compiled what we believe are the top 7 reasons to wear a mask and keep Skipton smiling

1. So small businesses can reopen and stay open.

The quickest and safest way to reopen our economy is to control the virus. As more of our shops and businesses reopen, more people are out and about. We all need to play our part in stopping the virus from spreading. You may be a coronavirus carrier and not even know it. Please wear a cloth face covering to protect our community.

2. So the kids can go back to school.

September is just around the corner and the best way to ensure our schools can open and keep your children safe is to make sure the level of COVID-19 in our community remains very low. Wear a mask and give our children a healthy future and the education they deserve.

3. So you can leave the house safely.

As much as we’ve come to enjoy our own homes, we all need a change of wallpaper every now and then. Enjoy leaving your trusted four walls with an added peace of mind and begin to get out and about. To go get your haircut. To visit the high street. To get a treat from the market or to see your friends and family.

4. Show essential workers how much we appreciate them.

Our frontline workers have taken daily risks by continuing to go to work to keep us fed and to keep the services running that we all rely on every day. Stand with them and thank them by protecting your health and theirs by simply covering your face.

5. To express yourself.

Make other people smile behind their masks! Some masks have slogans and others have messages or just a vibrant pattern printed on them. Several Skipton shops and market stalls are selling designs that will make you smile and your eyes light up.

6.To support your cause.

Charities have taken a huge hit, and now that contactless payment is the norm, those charity boxes at checkout will remain empty. Many non-profits are selling masks to raise money for a charity, and some will even match your mask purchase by donating masks to people who need them. Support your cause of choice and buy a mask from them.

7. It literally saves lives.

Fewer people will die if we all wear our masks and our community will thrive into the future. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

Please take a selfie in your mask and tag us on social media with #AtHomeInSkipton and #KeepSkiptonSmiling

For further guidance on wearing masks in public visit the World Health Organization website: