We always knew Skipton was “Best Bar None”

What is Best Bar None?

Best Bar None is an accreditation scheme with national awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry, which is aimed at promoting the responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises. In a nutshell Best Bar None is a national initiative aimed at raising the bar – quite literally!

Successful accreditation is a standard of excellence which is proven to have a significant impact on crime and anti-social behaviour, a fantastic outcome for staff and customers alike!

The great news is that Skipton BID believes that the more Best Bar None accredited premises there are in Skipton the better. Over the last 2 years it has set aside funds to support town businesses who would like to achieve this standard of excellence.

To date three Skipton licensed premises have been accredited Best Bar None status: The Venue Sports & Music Bar, VSQ Gin Bar and The Albion Pub.

Here’s what Steven Freakes (owner manager) and Leah Pompey (event manager) of The Venue Sports & Music Bar have to say about the scheme:


“For us the Best Bar None scheme has effectively professionalised us and brought us into line with the way larger organisations conduct their businesses. It has certainly promoted and developed good practice. In a lot of areas we were already doing the right thing, we just needed to formalise procedures with a policy or a written record. It has been reassuring to find out that we were looking after our staff and customers correctly, there were just some areas that needed firming up a bit more.

For example, we’ve always had an accident book, but as a result of becoming accredited we now record all minor incidents in it too. This has actually helped the police identify individuals who, although just a nuisance whilst drinking here with us, have gone on to become involved in something more serious. Keeping accurate paper and CCTV records of smaller incidents like this has helped us foster better relations with the police and licensing bodies.

I was a little sceptical at first, but now I can say that it’s been a good thing for our business and its also good for Skipton, which is why we are carrying on and are currently working towards our second accreditation.”


“We now have signage in all the toilets for organisations that people might need, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Domestic Violence Services, Talk to Frank and Ask for Angela. If anyone now came to the bar and said ‘Can I speak to Angela’ all of our staff would recognise this as meaning, “Please help me, I am in an uncomfortable situation. They would also know what to do to help to resolve that situation, such as getting the individual a taxi or taking them aside to a safe location.

I’ve learnt a lot about sexual exploitation which has been really eye opening for me. Knowing how to spot the signs, how to deal with it appropriately and also what organisations are out there which can help, has been a huge benefit.”

For more information about Best Bar None please visit: bbnuk.com

As a result of The Venue Sports & Music Bar’s continued efforts in the Best Bar None accreditation scheme they were awarded the Skipton BID sponsored Best Bar None Award at the Skipton Business Awards 2018 in March.

If you would you like to find out more about how your business could work towards becoming Best Bar None accredited, email info@skiptonbid.com or call 01756 799033