• Skipton International Puppet Festival
    Skipton International Puppet Festival
  • Sheep Day
    Sheep Day
  • Skipton Cycle Races
    Skipton Cycle Races. Photo by Dean Reeve Photography
  • Skipton in Bloom
    Skipton in Bloom
  • Skipton Waterways Festival
    Skipton Waterways Festival. Photo by Malcolm Stoney Photography
  • Meet some of the Skipton BID Team
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Welcome to Skipton BID  😊

A BID is a Business Improvement District, and Skipton has been a BID Town since 2009.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a BID is, you are not alone.  In brief, here’s how it works:

The BID Businesses pay into a central pot, which is then used to deliver services and activities, to improve Skipton’s appeal to residents, visitors and investors, and so bring more business into the town.

As people come to the town for any one of the events we support, such as Sheep Day, Skipton Car Show or the Christmas Markets, the businesses in town directly benefit from the extra visitors (both tourists and residents).  Revenue increases, as the shops trade; the cafes, bars and restaurants replenish the shoppers and browsers alike; everyone contributing to the town’s vibrancy and appeal.  A lively and thriving town means other businesses are able to provide their goods and services, adding value to the town, making Skipton a more appealing place to work in, and an attractive location to live in.

Here are some BID facts for you:

  • The BID doesn’t cover the whole of Skipton, just the businesses in the BID area.
  • The BID runs for a five year term.  We are in the second year of the second term.  BIDs are covered by legislation: The Local Government Act 2003 and the BID England Regulations 2004
  • A BID Levy is charged annually to all business rate payers in the BID in addition to their business rates bill.  It varies from town to town but in Skipton this rate is 1% of a property’s rateable value on April 1st.   In Skipton’s BID, those properties whose rateable value is less than £3,000 are exempt.
  • Skipton BID Ltd is a not-for-profit company that manages the BID funds paid by the Levy paying businesses of the town Skipton BID is governed by a Board of Directors who represent the Levy payers and Stakeholders.  Most of these own or run businesses and pay their Levy too.
  • Skipton BID would like people to understand that being a BID Town means working in partnership: working to support each other and the town we all love.

You’ll find more information about what we do on other pages.