Articles of Association

The document states the purpose of the company as well as the duties and responsibilities of its members.

Code of Conduct

This document lays out the governance structure of Skipton BID and includes the Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct for Directors and Members.

Procurement Policy

This document outlines Skipton BID’s policy on procurement of products and services from third-party suppliers.

Financial Procedures

This document aims to provide a clear and concise set of processes to govern the financial expenditure made by the Skipton Business Improvement District (the BID).

Privacy Policy

A document outlining the Skipton BID’s policy on the storage and use of business information.

Levy Rules

This document outlines the levy rules for members of Skipton BID.

Membership form

Membership is free and open to all levy-paying businesses. Please complete and submit the form to apply.

Voluntary Membership

For non-levy paying businesses who wish to become a voluntary member of Skipton BID.

Minutes from the AGM

Minutes taken during the Skipton BID Company annual general meeting, dated 1st May 2024.

Annual Review 2023/24

A review of the BID’s activity conducted during the previous financial year.

Statutory Accounts 2023-24

Unaudited Statutory Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2024. Prepared by Shepherd Partnership Certified Accountants

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